Getting Started

What can users do at

When you have your own user account at this website, you can post ads about your business, you can also manage your account details such as email, passwords and also manage your ads as well as save ads to your own personal list.

How do I create an account?

Click the ‘Sign up’ link at the top right of this website and fill in your details, like username, password & email. Please use an email address that works, as you may need to confirm your account via email.

How do I sign into my account?

To sign into your account, you can click the ‘Sign in’ link found at the top right of this website and enter the username and password you registered your account with.

Lost your password or username?

Click here if you lost your password or click here if you have lost your username. Provide the email you registered your account with.

Your Account

How do I post an ad on this website?

Sign into your account, once signed in you must click the ‘Post Ad’ link that appears in the top right side to begin posting your ad. Fill in your business data and click ‘Submit’ to post your ad on this website.

How do I update or change my email and password?

Once signed in, you can click the ‘Manage Account’ link that appears in the top right of this website. Click ‘Edit details’ from the left side menu and change the details you would like to change.

How do I edit or delete my active ads on this website?

Click the Manage account link found at the top right of this website. On the next page you should click ‘Manage ads‘, once clicked, a page with a list of all your ads will appear. Click ‘Edit’ on the ad you wish to edit and change it as you want. Click ‘Delete’ if you want to remove your ad from this website (deleted ads cant be recovered).

Note: Ads in highlight lightyellow means that they are inactive and not accessible to the public. To activate them you will need to finish the paying process or renew them by clicking pay or renew, only then will the ad be activated and published.

How do I manage my saved list?

The saved list shows all the ads that you have added to your saved list. To add an ad to your saved list you must click the ‘Save to list’ link that is on the right side of the ad page. To remove, click the ‘Remove from list’ link that appears in the same area.